【IC】Lichicx X Suixin Studio Yalasuo Linear Switch

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Lichicx is a relatively new manufacturer, but they have proven themselves to be one of the most trustworthy factories that can steadily produce high-quality products. Today, let’s take a look at another great linear switch which was designed by Suixin Studio and manufactured by Lichicx. Allow me to introduce to you the Yalasuo linear switch!
Price: 0.45 USD per switch
Switch Specifications

Switch type: Linear
Designer: Suixin Studio (Designer of the JWK Lila switch, JWK Autumn Rain switch, JWK Green Snake switch, etc.)
Manufacturer: Lichicx
Stem material: POM (MX Stem)
Top Housings: PA66
Bottom Housing: Modified PA66
Operating Force: 47g±5g
Bottom-out Force: 55±5g
Pre-travel: 2.0mm±0.3
Total Travel: 3.7mm±0.3
Spring: 20mm Single-Stage extended stainless steel spring
Factory Lubed: Yes! on spring, stem feet, and stem sliders. Both factory lubed and stock version will be available
Lichicx and Yalasuo Switch
If you are a switch addict (like me), and you have been following the switch market trend for some time now, you would have noticed that most of the Lichicx switches in the market are silent linear switches. A few memorable examples include the XCJZ Lucy switches, Hape switches, and gentle switches. There is one common thing about these switches is that they all have a trichromatic dust-proof stem and a wing-latch top housing. This is usually the stereotypical Lichicx switch that most people would think of when they remember Lichicx. However, this time Lichicx is showing us something different from usual.
What we see right here is a regular linear switch with an MX-style stem and a 4-pin top housing, but it wasn’t as simple as it seemed for Lichicx to pull off this gig. To produce high-quality MX-style linear switches, Lichicx created this new set of molds and went through multiple rounds of adjustment to make them precise enough. MX-style switches are not uncommon, but how about MX-style switches that have minimal stem wobble while still being super smooth regardless of the materials being used? Also, Yalasuo switches are manufactured using the 4-point injection molding technique; This means that each set of mold only produces 4 switch components. This technique drastically increases production costs as the production rate is lowered, but it increases the precision to a very high standard. Lichicx was trying to make everything as precise as possible when making the Yalasuo switches to create an ultimate typing experience.

The materials used on the Yalasuo switches are pretty standard. Suixin Studio decided to add some fiberglass to the PA66 bottom housing, and the reason is that it refines the sound of bottoming out while not affecting the smoothness of the keystroke. Thanks to the accurate molding, the POM stem does not feel or sound scratchy, and the bottom-out feedback is very clear.
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December, 2023
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