【IC】Trigon 60% Keyboard with Customizable|Interchangeable Alu Wrist rest

类型: IC
作者: Lukenan
发布时间: 2023-11-16 06:20:38
更新时间: 2023-11-16 06:20:38
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Hi Everyone!
This truly innovative keyboard was originally envisioned by a student from the Academy of Fine Arts. This journey took 11 months from design inspiration to the final product. The final name is Trigon, and the idea is to allow customers to have keyboards with swappable color-chip wrist rests, using triangle color blocks for a rich color palette and endless ideas. To make our keyboard more colorful, we paired it with a side RGB LED strip and an acrylic badge - Thanks for continuous support from our amazing community.
Renders: https://imgur.com/a/hLmsyjI

PCB & Layout
You can choose either a soldered or hotswap PCB, the PCB will be paired with different plates. The hot-swap version will sacrifice some key splits, in exchange for ease of use.
/* WK or HHKB
/* ANSI and ISO Support
/* Split Right Shift Support
/* Split Backspace Support
/* Stepped Caps Support
/* 6.25u & 7u bottom row options
Hotswap PCB Layout Support

Soldered PCB Layout Support

Solder Plate

Hotswap Plate

This time we have many parts that need to choose colors, Please fill in the IC form and cast your vote!
Case color
Top and bottom case colors have both anodized and coated color options
Anodized colors: Black, Silver, Gunmetal Gray, Cedar Green, Champagne Pink
Coated colors: Cosmic Black (Sparkle), Storm Blue, Flash Red, Cream, Cement Gray, Lavender, Avocado Green, Rhino Grey
Weight Color
For weight color options, we would like your vote for which one to use as the default:
Matched to the Case color
Brass Color(Material: Aluminum), Same with s65/80 kit
PVD brass
Color Chips
The color chips will initially be matched to the case but they’re interchangeable, you can freely choose the color you want.
/* Typing angle: 8 degrees
/* 16mm front height
/* Aluminium external weight
/* Gasket mount
/* Aluminum case
/* PCB: soldered/Hotswap
/* Plate materials TBD
/* Size: 296×150×(16-36) mm
/* Kit Weight: Built 2 kg
Group Buy Info:
We are still preparing samples, once we get the color votes in, we can finish the sample and send it out to select influencers for review.
**GB Time:**Early January
GB Price:Dependant on the decided build, TBD
**Shipping Time:**TBD
For more details please join our Discord server
Thanks for your support! I hope you love this board as much as we do!

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