【IC】Vantage by Zepsody - 60% | Leaf Spring | Molded Gaskets | Cem3 Pcb

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发布时间: 2023-11-11 21:24:19
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By Zepsody

IC Form
Vantage is a project that has seen many iterations over the past couple of years. Initially starting as a side project in 2021, I shifted my focus to Vantage last year in response to the changing keyboard market and increased demand for affordable keyboards. The goal with Vantage has always been to offer a high-end, low-gimmick keyboard at a reasonable price. The sound, feel, and quality had to be top-notch while having a premium and timeless design. Because of these high standards, this project took much longer than I expected. But, six prototypes and many thousands of dollars later, I am ready to show off the finished product.
Info Colors - Lightning Purple, Red, Black, E-white
Layout - WKl, WK, or HHKB 60% (Considering fixed 7u, would love feedback on this)
Material - Anodized 6063 Aluminum (E-White will be E-coated), Stainless Steel Weight
Plate Options - Pom, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum Half Plate, Carbon Fiber Half Plate
Gaskets (Molded Wrap Around) - 80 Durometer, 70 Durometer, 50 Durometer,
Pcb - Cem3 H60 by Hineybush, Hotswap and Solder Available
Angle - 7.5 Degrees
Front Height ~ 18mm
Price - Estimated at $295
Kit Includes- Top Case, Bottom Case, Weight, Plate, H60 Cem3 Pcb, Set of Gaskets, PE Plate and Poron Case Foams,
Screws, Custom Molded Bumpons, Daughterboard (Modified UDB), DB Cable, Carrying Case
Bumpon Info - The bumpon color will be changed from transparent (as seen in the prototypes) to either white or black, depending on the case color.
Vendors U.S. - Zepsody
International - TBD
E-White Prototype Photos

Sound Test By Alexotos
Sound Test By Captain Sterling
Lightning Purple Prototype Pictures

Black and Red Renders

Plate Options (Universal Plate May Be Offered)

Renders Showing Internals

Zepsody Discord
IC Form

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