【IC】TYP60 SL | Polycarbonate 60% with interchangeable blockers

类型: IC
作者: 14x71
发布时间: 2023-10-24 22:39:49
更新时间: 2023-11-27 06:18:34
原链接: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=121697.0

Hi friends, I am 14x71 from axiom studios. The TYP60 is a 60% layout keyboard featuring a compression o-ring gasket mount design, and interchangeable blockers for different bottom row configurations (WK, WKL, and HHKB). Whereas the original TYP60 uses 6063 aluminium for the case, this version of the board - TYP60 SL now uses polycarbonate, 6063 aluminium for the blockers, copper weight, and custom bumpons. The idea is to keep the familiar typing feel while changing some aspects of the sound and handfeel of the board itself.
The unit in these photos are still our 2nd Prototype, there will be differences with the final production units such as:

  • Blocker Colors - on the prototype unit the colors is too warm

  • Bottom weight will have a Superleggera engraving
    This IC post will be updated with the production units and other colors when we receive them.

  • Links*
    Photo Gallery
    Discord Server
    Axiom Studios’ Website

  • Case Specification:*

  • Layout: 60% with interchangeable blockers (WK, WKL, HHKB)

  • 7’ Typing angle

  • Front height: 16.6mm

  • Materials:

  • Case: Polycarbonate (Frosted and Dyed)
  • Weight: Copper (Clear coat and E-Coat)
  • Blockers: 6061 Aluminium (Anodization and E-Coat)
  • Plate: 1.5mm 5052 Aluminium, Carbon Fiber, and Polycarbonate

  • Mounting method: Compression Gummy O-ring

  • Case Colors:*

  • Quartz (frosted PC) - titanium colored alu blockers - clear copper weight

  • Emerald (green dyed PC) - titanium colored alu blockers - clear copper weight

  • Amethyst (purple dyed PC) - black colored alu blockers - black copper weight

  • Black Spinel (black dyed PC) - black colored alu blockers - black copper weight

  • Photos of actual colors*

PCB Specification:
XT60 Solder PCB (Mill-Max 3305 sockets included for 4 corner keys)

  • Designed by kopibeng

  • QMK and VIA compatible

  • Purple Solder Mask

  • Flex cut between row 3 and row 4 alphas

  • Optional Extras:*

  • FR4, Twill Carbon Fiber, Aluminium Plates (Full and Half plates will be available)

  • XT60 PCB (With and without flex cut will be available)

  • Status*
    Currently waiting for cases to be shipped to us

  • What’s included in each kit:*

  • 1x TYP60SL Case

  • 1x Copper weight

  • 1x Set of aluminium HHKB, WK, WKL blockers

  • 1 x Solder PCB + JST Cable + DB

  • 8 x Millmax 3305-1

  • 1 x 50A silicone o-ring (Silicone)

  • 1 x Anodised aluminium plate (Full)

  • 4 x Custom bumpons

  • 1 x Custom hard carrying case

  • 1 x Custom art velcro patch

  • 1 x Authentication card

  • 1 x Accessories pack

  • 1 x Information print out card

  • Information*

  • Price: MYR 2000

  • Sale method: In-stock FCFS (40 units per color)

  • Vendors: Worldwide: axiom’s website, Indonesia: Acid & Co.

  • Sale date: December 10th 2023 December 1st 2023 November 2023 - exact date TBA

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