【IC】Zoom65V2.5- 4 Colorways Added, Tri-mode PCB, Nightlight Knob,Price,GB Time

类型: IC
作者: Ckeeb
发布时间: 2023-08-31 10:39:26
更新时间: 2023-09-15 11:13:44
原链接: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=121299.0

Hello everyone,
We are close to GB. Here are some latest updates of Zoom65V2.5, please check.
Zoom65V2.5 GB Page
Case Color Update
/* 15 Colorways
4 new SE Edition case colors are added: SE Black, SE Orange, SE Lavender, E-white
11 case colors same as Zooom65V2 EE: Black, Cool Grey, Navy, Sky Blue, Blush Pink, Scarlet Red, Lilac, Wild Green, White, Ivory Cream, GT Silver
Zoom65V2.5 SE Black Review Video by Rx003
Zoom65V2.5 Partial Colors Renders
New SE Edition Real Shots
New SE Edition Showcase Video
11 EE colors Real Shots
Tri-mode PCB
Support Bluetooth 5.0/Wired/2.4G connection
Tri-mode PCB is also compatible with Zoom65V2, but not compatible with V1.
Aluminum Backplate for SE Edition
To provide more backplate options to customers. The backplate of SE Edition is Aluminum plate, and we kept Glass backplate for EE version.
Two kinds of Backplate comparison
Nightlight Knob as Default
We upgrade the knob to nightlight knob for all versions. The general knob and customized knob are also compatible with Zoom65V2.5. You may replace it as your preference.
The nighlight knob is compatible with zoompad. And it also can be used on zoom65V2, zoom75, but it will not have lighting effect because of different encoders.
Zoom65V2 x Soul Land
The collab version Zoom65V2 x Soul Land will be released this time! Zoom65V2 x Soul Land is an assembled keyboard that includes keycaps and switches. There are three themed keyboards available.
Zoom65 x Soul Land
Zoom65V2 Tang San Keyboard Photos by dutchmasterw
Customized Theme Deskmat
Haotian Hammer Artisan Keycap
Zoom65V2.5 EE Edition start from $175
Zoom65V2.5 Special Edition start from $199
GB Time
September 19th
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Thank you!
Meletrix Team