【Instock】 Sillyworks X Gateron Project Rehash SLAY Switches

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For those of you who are familiar with Unikeys, you would know that we are fans of HMX and BSUN. However, this time I am not bringing you a switch from either of these manufacturers. Instead, it is a series of new Gateron switches I am introducing to you today. Meet the Sillyworks X Gateron SLAY switches!
Price: 0.47 USD per switch
Switch Specifications

Switch type: Linear
Designer: Sillyworks
Manufacturer: Gateron
Stem material: POM
Top Housings: PA66
Bottom Housing: PA66
Operating Force: See details above
Bottom-out Force: See details above
Pre-travel: 2.0mm
Total Travel: 4.0±0.3mm (TRUE 4.0MM STEM POLE BOTTOM OUT)
Spring: See details above
Factory Lubed: Yes! light factory lube on spring, stem feet, and stem sliders
SLAY Switches
The goal behind creating the SLAY series is an attempt to pay homage to some of the earlier mechanical switches, specifically revisiting the Gateron KS-3 MX black switches that debuted nearly a decade ago. Sillyworks wanted to make something that was a combination of the classics and the new. You can sense that from the design specifics of the series.
Based on the foundation of KS-3 switches, Gateron made improvements to the molds and design. The SLA switches are manufactured using the more advanced 8-point injection molding technique; What it means is that each mold only produces 8 pieces of components. Despite the increased production cost, this method significantly enhances precision as the plastic melt spreads more evenly in the mold.
According to Sillyworks, the SLA switches are possibly the first ever linear switches that have a true 4.0mm full travel distance while still being stem-pole bottom-out. In order to achieve that, Gateron spent more than 3 months adjusting their existing molds and leaf spring design. Some of you might notice something different on these switches: the first thing is that they don’t have LED diffusers at all, and the top housing is completely sealed. The second thing is that there seems to be a gap between the top and bottom housings but in real life are thickened housing edges. Although Sillyworks and Gateron never revealed the reasons for adjusting the design this way, we can assume that they are related to making the 4.0mm stem pole bottom out possible.
The SLAY series comes with pretty standard POM stems and PA66 housings. What truly makes them special is still the designs.
Form of Sales

Instock at Unikeys
Type S: https://unikeyboards.com/products/sillyworks-x-gateron-type-s-linear-switch-factory-lubed-edition-10pcs
Type L: https://unikeyboards.com/products/sillyworks-x-gateron-type-l-linear-switch-factory-lubed-edition-10pcs
Type A: https://unikeyboards.com/products/sillyworks-x-gateron-type-a-linear-switch-factory-lubed-edition-10pcs
Time of Sales

4:00 PM ET on November 10th, 2023
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Global: Unikeys https://unikeyboards.com/
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