【GB】NESON DESIGN | The 810E Series Ver.3 keyboard · Group Buy in November15th ·

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发布时间: 2023-10-17 23:25:09
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Hello everyone, this is NESON DESIGN Studio.
Neson Design Discord: https://discord.com/invite/kTAtCrYfPM
Neson Design Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neson.design/
Here is the link to the IC post for The 810E Series keyboard:https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=120539.msg3164030/#msg3164030
Let me briefly introduce the differences between Ver.3 and Ver.2:
1.We have added a design feature called “force break” to the keyboard casing. “Force break” is a “Mod” technique that has enjoyed widespread use among keyboard enthusiasts worldwide for an extended period. We’ve integrated the principles of this method and redesigned it in a way that better suits fulfills our needs and achieves optimizations.
Note: The force break principle fundamentally alters the transmission path of vibrations within the keyboard casing, influencing the damping along this path and thereby allowing for precise adjustments to the acoustic performance of the casing.
2.We’ve implemented adjustments to the acrylic diffuser’s dimensions at the rear end. Specifically, we’ve expanded the width on both the left and right sides by 0.8mm, resulting in an improved overall visual aesthetic.
3.We’ve added a 2mm plate light-blocking sticker to address the minor light leakage issue from the front.
Specifications and price
Layout: (F-row-less 1800 with isolated spacebar)
Mounting Style: Gasket mount with Leaf Spring plate
Typing Angle: 9° (Front Height 17.9 mm, EKH 22.7 mm)
PCB: 1.6mm non-flex cut, separate RGB USB-C daughterboard (supports QMK, VIA, VIAL, supports soldered or hotswap [designed and manufactured by Astro])
Layout Options: WK / HHKB
GB Price: 480 USD
GB Date: November 15th, group buying period for two weeks
Shipping Date: 2024Q2
Exploded View
·Keyboard Kit(Aluminum top case, aluminum mid-frame, aluminum bottom case, Electroplated stainless steel mirror badge, diffuser plate, aluminum internal and external weight) × 1
·Light-blocking Cover × 1
·Aluminum plate × 1
·1.6MM Hotswap / Soldered PCB (choose one) and separate RGB USB-C daughterboard × 1
·Spacebar support foam (PORON) × 1
·Diffuser plates for the light strip (internal and external acrylic) × 1
·30 degree hardness C-shaped Gaskets × 8
·3.5MM PORON foam × 1
·1MM case foam × 1
·6-pin connecting cable × 1
·Bumpons × 2
·User manual × 1
Because of the reduced front height in the structure, incorporating multiple compatible layouts in the spacebar row is not feasible. Consequently, the ultimate decision is to adopt the following fixed layout, which is compatible with both HHKB and WK configurations.
Badge options
(Choose one from the two, no additional purchases are allowed)
Option A: The diffuser is relatively luminous, and when observed from a seated position, it presents noticeable brightness in both side and top views.
Option B: The diffuser is relatively subdued because the illumination emanates from the sides. Consequently, when viewed from a top-down angle, the lighting might seem dim, but it imparts a more pronounced ambiance.
Internal weight color option
Black or Silver
External weight upgrade option
Standard black aluminum external weight (Default)
Upgrade to Black Electroplated Stainless Steel Brushed Weight: +45$
Upgrade to Black Electroplated Stainless Steel Mirror Weight: +80$
Add-ons option
ANSI / ISO Aluminum plate +30$
ANSI / ISO FR4 plate +30$
ANSI / ISO PC plate +30$
Hotswap/Soldered PCB (3.5MM PORON foam, 0.5MM PORON case foam,does not include RGB DB) +65$
(The mid-frame and bottom case of the 810E are available exclusively in anodized black, with no other color options. The standard aluminum external weight is also fixed in black color.)
Black(Anodized Black Top、Anodized Black Mid、Anodized Black Bottom)
Gray(Anodized Gray Top、Anodized Black Mid、Anodized Black Bottom)
Silver(Anodized Silver Top、Anodized Black Mid、Anodized Black Bottom)
Green(Anodized Green Top、Anodized Black Mid、Anodized Black Bottom)
Blue(Anodized Blue Top、Anodized Black Mid、Anodized Black Bottom)
Champange(Anodized Champange Top、Anodized Black Mid、Anodized Black Bottom)
Cream(E-Cream Top、Anodized Black Mid、Anodized Black Bottom)
(The colors depicted in the above rendering are provided for reference purposes and may not accurately represent the final product.)
Click Clack (Global shipping) 【Group Buy Link】: https://clickclack.io/products/neson-studio-810e
Novelkeys (North America) 【Group Buy Link】: https://novelkeys.com/products/neson-810e-keyboard
iLumkb(Southeast Asia) 【Group Buy Link】: https://ilumkb.com/collections/live/products/neson-studio-810e
Candykeys(Europe) 【Group Buy Link】: https://candykeys.com/product/neson-studio-810e-mechanical-keyboard-kit
Swagkeys(Korea) 【Group Buy Link】: https://www.swagkey.kr/38/?idx=676
Kukey Stduio(Indonesia) 【Group Buy Link】: https://kukey.studio/products/neson-studio-810e-mechanical-keyboard-kit-group-buy
NTCH Keys(Thailand) 【Group Buy Link】: https://ntchkeys.com/
Jaekeyed(Philippines) 【Group Buy Link】: https://jaekeyed.com/products/gb-neson-design-810e-mechanical-keyboard-kit
JaePrototypist(UK) 【Group Buy Link】: https://prototypist.net/collections/live-group-buys/products/group-buy-neson-studio-810e
The 810E Ver.2 submission list includes the following streamer/youtubers:
Name: Keyboard Color: Time:
Alexotos Gary 810E WK
Dbokey Black 810E WK
Febust Channe Black 810E HHKB
Edward Tanujaya Blue 810E WK
Clackbait Cream 810E HHKB (November 15th)
Heikey Champange 810E HHKB
Tristan Green Green 810E HHKB