【GB】Fast Blue PBT Cherry Keycap Set, Five-sided heat sublimation, Fast Delivery

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发布时间: 2023-09-06 02:48:07
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Fuels Your Sense Of Adventure

Designed by CKW Studio

Greetings all!
We are trilled to announce that the Fast Blue Keycaps GB will be launched at 10:00am 7th September 2023 GMT+8. With its unique and personalized keycap design, unique color matching, we believe that it will impress you. Please feel free to check more details down below! ;D


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The Fast Blue keycap set takes its color inspiration from the KTM motorcycle series, utilizing a blue and orange color scheme that exudes a strong sense of athleticism.

As the main colors, light gray blue and dark blue hue convey a sense of stability and confidence, while the energizing orange tones symbolize vitality and passion. This dynamic combination of blue and orange creates a sporty theme that turns your keyboard into a stage of speed and vigor. With Fast Blue keycaps set, typing becomes a thrilling experience that fuels your sense of adventure!

Unlike many sublimation keycaps that focus on novelty keycaps, Fast Blue seems to focus more on color. A few simple novelty keycaps are enough to embellish the entire keyboard.


**Profile:**Cherry Profile
**Material:**High content PBT semi-shading material
Process: Full five-sided heat sublimation
**Quantity:**157 keys in a full set
Thickness: 1.5mm


**Adaptation:**Cherry MX cross switch,Gateron switch- (G switches), TTC switch, KTT switch, JWK switch, KailhBox switch and other types of customized switch. However,- Logitech Omron switches and static capacitor switches are not applicable. Keyboards of Logitech, Corsair, Razer, and RGB lamp beads may not be applicable.
Matching Layout: ISO, Alice, WKL, MX HHKB, Stepped caps lock, 980 full size, 660 75% 80% 96, 60%, 65% (including 1,75U shift).
Do not support split backspace.
GB Information

GB Time: 7th-28th September 2023
Sale Format: 130 sets only
Price: 55USD
Estimated Delivery Time: Ships in 15 days after GB ends
Regional Vendor

EU: Keygem
UK: Mechboards Rest of the world:Velocifire

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