【GB】Vixen - Alice Style 40% Ortholinear - Last Day!!

类型: GB
作者: joedinkle
发布时间: 2023-08-25 18:51:00
更新时间: 2023-09-15 00:13:28
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Renders by Olivia/oj
Weight engraving by erin

Color options from top to bottom are Surrender (e-coat), Mourning (anodize), and Promise Ring (anodize).

Live Today(September 1st) at 4PM EST! Worldwide Vendor: Eye Oh Designs
100 FCFS units
GB ends 15 September
Estimated fulfillment: February 2024
Vixen is the latest board from Eye Oh Designs. Taking inspiration form Prime_Elise, EM7, and Alice style boards, Vixen is an evolution of the babyV. This board aims to please fans of that keyboard that wanted something more premium. Its features include:
Included with Purchase:
Carbon Fiber Carrying Case
Aluminum Top
Brass bottom
FR4 Plate
UDB with JST cable
Rubber feet
Base Kit: $295 (E-coat +$10, Hotswap +$5)
Plate Upgrade: +$15
Instructions for ordering extra tops - Select your desired color, then select ‘None’ for the PCB and plate options.
Extra Top: $100 (E-coat +$10)
Instructions for ordering extra plates or plate foam - Select ‘Add-ons/Accessories’ for style, select your plate material, then select ‘None’ for the PCB option.
Extra Plate: $15(FR4)/$30(Other)
Switch Plate Foam (thicc 4mm EVA for you ASMR fiends): $15
Instructions for ordering Extra PCBs - Select ‘Add-ons/Accessories’ for style, select ‘None’ for the plate option, then select your PCB option.
Extra PCB: $35/$40(Hotswap)
-babyV layout with some new bottom row options!
-Gasket mount.
-5 degree typing angle with 18 mm front height.
-Seamless aluminum anodized top case with a brass bottom/weight.
-Carrying case and microfiber cloth included.
-Supports screw-in and snap-in stabilizers.
-Compatible with MX style switches. Hotswap and Soldered PCB options are planned.
-Powered by a RP2040 running Vial.
-USB C connection and circuit protection through the unified daughterboard. As such, babyV PCBs are not compatible with Vixen.
-Supports screw-in and snap-in stabilizers.
Typing Tests:
Aluminum plate, Huano Earth Linears, GMK Metropolis, no plate foam
Brass plate, Boba U4T, ABS SA Blanks, plate foam
POM plate, Gateron KS-3s with 68g spring swap, PBTFans WoB, plate foam
40s Discord Server
Discord Handle: EODesigns/#4352
Search for ‘vixen’ in the /#ic-gb-announcements channel of the 40s server and click ‘join’ to follow along!

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