【GB】GMK - Blanc sur Noir 【SHIPPING】

类型: GB
作者: zekth
发布时间: 2023-04-11 13:56:21
更新时间: 2023-11-15 01:37:10
原链接: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=120065.0

Today I’d like to introduce you to GMK - Blanc Sur Noir !
To put it simply, this is GMK WoB but with the Azerty (french) compatibility, with Tulip novelties as the cherry on the croissant.
For years, it has been a struggle with very little to choose from when looking for quality French keysets. We feel like the market might be ready to hit the MOQ to make this a reality.
This keyset has been designed by the community, for the community. I’m just a spokeperson here. There’s also no designer fee to keep the price reasonable despite the low-ish MOQ.
Base Kit

Note: Mods will use CENTERED legends.

Plaket 60

Géonwork - F1-8x



GB: 11th April - 28th April
Shipment (estimate): before 31st December 2023
Oblotzky Industries
Many thanks to

  • Oblotzky: for allowing the project to happen
  • Plaketdebeur: for taking the initiative as well as the lead of Blanc Sur Noir, but mostly for his passion
  • Druz: 3D render god
  • kustom3: kitting input and contributions to the visual assets
  • biip: for his wisdom
  • Zekth: kitting input, PR, bringing Oblotzky on board
    Merci beaucoup for reading this and thank you in advance should you support this project.
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