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General Update 2023.09.14 Set is shipping to Vendors/Vendors are shipping to customers! Deskmats are in production. Monkei Artisan is complete and has shipped to vendors.
GB Date: March 21 - April 21 2022!

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Marmoreal:To be made of or likened to marble.
A set inspired and themed around the marble and architecture of the Barcelona Pavilion.

CAN: Ashkeebs
USA: Vala Supply
LatAM: Fancy Customs
EU: MyKeyboard
UK: Protozoa Studio
IND: Rectangles.Store
SEA: Zion Studios
JP: Basekeys
CN: zFrontier
OCE: Daily Clack

Fulfilment date is TBD, however, considering GMK delays and backlog, this will likely be 2023 Q3-Q4.



-A Bit of History-

Mies van der Rohe was commissioned by the German Government in 1928 to design and construct the German National Pavilion (more commonly known as the Barcelona Pavilion) for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. Collaborating with Lilly Reich, the pavilion was designed and built in a remarkably short amount of time- 18 months from design to unveiling. Completed in 1929, the building quickly became a Modernist classic, embodying the progressive, sleek and forward thinking ethos behind the movement. The original pavilion stood only for a short time, and was demolished in 1930 at the end of the exposition. In its short time standing, the pavilion gained an almost mystical aura, becoming one of the most influential modernist buildings to have ever been built; while hardly being seen by anyone. The pavilion was reconstructed during 1984-1986 by local Spanish architects and the Barcelona City Council on its original site, as a permanant structure. Rebuilt according to the original drawings and photographs, the Barcelona Pavilion in its current incarnation continues to be a remarkable piece of architecture that delights visitors today, and is a testament to Mies’s skill as an architect and designer.
-Set Design-

The overall set colors and arrangment were inspired by the four types of marble used thoughout the pavilion’s construction: Roman Travertine, Green Alpine, Ancient Green Greek and Golden Onyx. To simplify the number of colors (and cost), I opted to reduce the total number down to 3, with the green representing both the Green Alpine and Ancient Green Greek Marble. The novelties were based on significant features and moments in the current pavilion in addition to archived documents and drawings. As such, the novelties feature drawing sections and details, Georg Kolbe’s sculpture Dawn, marble patterns and the like. In keeping with the Modernist basis, the choice was made to use icon modifiers, but I wanted to put a bit more fun in the set with some more elaborate novelty art.

//Renders are representative only. Kit Renders are closest to actual colors//
$135 - BASE KIT - 250 MOQ

$89 - ALT MODS - 100 MOQ

$49 - NOVELTIES - 100 MOQ

The novelties are based on significant details and moments in the Barcelona Pavilion. As numbered, the novelties are: 1. Cigar (Mies was a known chain smoker), 2. Marble Pattern, 3. Building Elevation, 4. Column detail, 5. Pavilion chair, 6. Feature wall, 7. Window joint detail, 8. Dawn by Georg Kolbe.
$29 - SPACEBARS- 100 MOQ


$25 -Deskmats-

Inlay. Design by Summerqm

Line. Design by Summerqm

Pavilion. Design by Ulliam


Haus by Hand Engineering


Mountain Alice by YoBoards


Nascent by Reticent


SP111 by BlindAssassin111


KL90 by Kiko


Ellora65 by Kiko


Paragon by Artemis Design Studios


Frog by Geonworks


Argyle by Seoucialite


-Artisan Keycaps-

Sale Date: 2022.03.09

Sale Date: 2022.03.24

Sale Date: 2022.04.09

Sale Date: 2022.03.27

Sale Date: 2022.03.19


Sale Date: 2022.04.02


If you’re interested in collaborating, please drop me a line on my discord! - pararch/#8610


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-GB Live- 2022.03.21

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