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作者: Fredington
发布时间: 2022-02-17 08:53:43
更新时间: 2023-09-13 11:29:15
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GMK Indigo is inspired by Japanese denim culture, particularly that of raw selvedge jeans that fade as you wear them, revealing the various shades present in this beautiful color. The novelties and desk pad draw from sashiko, a type of Japanese embroidery which has a long history and association with indigo textiles. With its distinct stitching on a contrast background, sashiko adds both function and beauty to a garment. Let GMK Indigo do the same for your keyboard.

Manufacturer: GMK
Profile: Cherry 1-1-2-3-4-4
Material: ABS
Legends: Doubleshot
Sublegends: UV-Printed
Mod Style: Center-Aligned Icons
GB Details
This set will run from February 18 to March 18 with the following vendors. The estimate shipping window is Q3 2023.
WW: KBDFans (no collaborations)
US: Space
CA: Desk[H]ero
UK: Proto[Typist]
NW: Mekanisk (extras only)
EU: Salvun
EU: CandyKeys (extras only)
AS: iLumkb
OC: Daily Clack (deskmat on a separate page)

The Base kit features support for 60% boards and up. Terminal-style ISO and F13 are included.

Being that the Hiragana kit contains all the keys needed for a full alpha replacement, an additional TAB has been provided so you can potentially cover two boards with this kit and the Base kit.

The Extension kit offers additional compatibility in the form of:

  • R3/R4 PgUp/PgDn

  • 2u Shift

  • Mac bottom row swaps

  • 40s support

  • Alice support

  • Spacebars*
    The Spacebar kit provides two 3U bars, 6u bars covering both center stem positions, and accent colors for the more commonly used sizes.

  • Novelties*
    The novelties kit features selvedge tape and stitching patterns common to sashiko.

  • NorDeUK*
    This kit will be available to purchase once vendors post their extras.

  • Deskmat*

  • Artisans*

  • Red*by Monokei

  • R1 1u

  • Anodized aluminum

  • Engraved sashiko design w/ enamel infill

  • Continuity by Salvun*

  • R1 1u

  • Copper w/ antique patina

  • Laser engraved mitsudomoe design

  • Clear coated

  • Impermanence by HIBI*

  • R3 2.25u

  • Raw brass (no coating, will patina over time)

  • Machine engraved crack w/ through holes

  • Mirror polished

  • Wooden Spacebars by YVK Studio*

  • Engraved and infilled maple and rosewood

  • Indigo dyed

  • Offered in 6.25u and 7u

  • Cables*

  • Stitched Denim Straight Cable by RnCables*

  • NOTE*: *This is a sample. There will be another round of color matching after the GB to ensure the colors are correct for the final product. A coiled option will not be offered for this cable. It will be sold exclusively on the RnCables website.*

  • Two-Tone Cerakoted Aviator Cable by Space Cables*

  • NOTE*: This cable will be offered with both straight and coiled options. Multiple vendors will carry this cable.

  • Render Gallery*

  • Social Media*
    As I don’t have a Discord, all updates will be made in this thread. You can however, follow me on Instagram if you’d like:

  • Acknowledgements*
    Special thanks to Kingk22, konstantin, NathanAlphaMan, and all the vendors and collaborators.

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