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发布时间: 2021-08-26 09:31:50
更新时间: 2023-09-12 11:59:53
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Group buy LIVE NOW until September 25!
Cute meets classy in SA Fledgling, a keycap set inspired by cheap red hair dye, washed-out Sacramento sunshine, and elaborate coming-of-age metaphors. In the vintage sculpted SA profile, this set evokes nostalgia without sacrificing a sense of playfulness. This set is intended to be produced by Signature Plastics in doubleshot ABS in the 1-2-3-4-3 sculpted SA profile.
Original IC thread
Join my Discord for keyset discussion and updates, in addition to updates on all of the upcoming collabs! I’ll keep this post, Instagram, and the SA Fledgling website updated regularly. However, there will be informal leaks, etc. posted on the Discord, so check it out if you’re interested (there are also cute cat emotes).
US - Vala.Supply
CAN - Ashkeebs
EU - MyKeyboard
UK - proto[typist]
China - zFrontier
SEA - iLumkb
OCE - Daily Clack

Philippines - Zion Studio PH
India - StacksKB

Be sure to check out the bundle pricing! Exact discount varies depending on your region.

Alphabet Kit

Mods - 60%-TKL Kit

Mods - 40s/Ortho Kit

Extension Kit

Numbers Kit

Spacebars Kit


Novelty Kit
Novelties are designed by the extremely talented Eura



By Salvun, a 1u SA R3 laser-engraved copper keycap in a custom-made cerakote color for Fledgling, featuring artwork by Eura and Shannie, clearcoated to keep it looking good for years to come

By Asero Foundry, a 2.25u SA R3 cnc machined aluminum keycap with cerakote finish
Geist by Maschine (and rendered by Maschine!)

Ikki68 Aurora in the Fledgling colorway by Wuque Studios

Petrichor by Alchemist Keyboards

Yeti by AxolStudio

Fuji65 by CMM.Studio

The50 by LazyDesigners

Whiskey by Bregoli

M60-A by RAMA

OGR by Alchemist Keyboards

For more board renders, check out the SA Fledgling website or my Instagram!
Ikki68 Aurora x Fledgling collaboration - NEW VERSION (8/13)
The Ikki68 Aurora collab has undergone a makeover! Basically, after the first iteration of the board went through IC, it was decided to make the design more unique and interesting, with an understated floral design on the back, sides, and just a bit on the front of the board, inspired by Shannie’s Fledgling deskmat design! (Thank you to summerqm for design execution and pwade for the renders!) In addition, unlike previous versions of the Ikki68 Aurora, this collab design features an e-coated alu top case for a heavier and more premium feel!

**All updated Ikki68 Aurora collab renders here
Fill out the interest check form here if you’d like to see this go to group buy, as well as to vote for your favorite badge color and design configuration! This group buy will not happen unless enough interest is shown, so this is super important! Please fill out the form, share with others, etc.!!
heavenmetals keyboards - will offer a limited collection of artisan cables
Luxe Cables - will do a Group Buy for cables matching the set
From Scratch USA - super pretty and stylish keyboard bags!
Arcana Keys
Bowbie Keycaps
peach artisans
Shirouu Caps
Lemon Pup
Macher Studio
Ochre + Moss
Lizcuits, Skok, banned, Beesley, ltafuri, and pwade - So many renders and revisions to renders throughout this project!! Thank you!!!
Eura - The novelties you created for this set are STUNNING and better than I could’ve ever envisioned.
Konstantin, Dr. Higsby, NoPunIn10Did, and acitrin - Thank you for all of your kitting advice! I learned a ton from your suggestions and insights.
All the wonderful friends I’ve made in this community who have supported this project <3

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